Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Decorating the "tree" (finally)...

I put up our "tree" at the beginning of December with the intent of decorating it a day or two later.  True to form, it's two weeks later and we just now got around to it.  But, it's decorated, and awesome!  I'm getting pretty good at coming up with creative Christmas trees, that the animals can't get to.
We also got our stockings out, and I got super excited when I realized we could hang them by the fireplace!  
I love Christmas!!!  I also love Pandora.  I have perfected my Christmas music station and it's so much better than 99.9 or the other radio stations (although I am liking 91.5 for some slow jazz Christmas music every night...).  I haven't taken the time to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season and I'm sad that it's only a few days away.  

Last week, my Relief Society did a special Christmas program for our December activity.  I think it was the best church activity I have ever been to.  It's sort of difficult to explain.  The way that it works is that everyone participating sits on chairs with blind folds on and their hands in their laps.  The program is a walk through the life of Christ, and they do it through music and speaking, as well as touching items, smelling things, and tasting things.  Some examples, when they talked about the birth of the Savior they had people walk around with their babies and had you feel their feet to represent baby Jesus.  One of the miracles that they went through was when Christ calmed the storm while they were at sea.  There was someone narrating the story, and there were people with fans and spray bottles, spraying and blowing on us, as well as lights flashing and thunder sounds (remember, we were blind folded while all this was going on).  It was so cool to experience all of these things (it was an hour and a half program) in such a different way.  Not being able to see allowed me to really feel like I was there.  I hope that someday everyone can have the opportunity to have an experience like this.  

Well, I am off to make some hot chocolate (Can this rain and cool weather please stay FOREVER?!) and then go to bed.  Good night!

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